Monday, December 29, 2014

Holidays 2014

It's been a crazy month of December. Holiday parties, music performances, babysitters, practices, last minute just got insane for us. Thankfully we had a few weeks off to decompress before the New Year starts up with a whole new lot of crazy.
Buggy has been taking swim lessons and is doing GREAT. She can swim the length of the pool on her back. I die.
I picked knitting back up and can't believe I ever stopped. Very therapeutic for me and they make for great gifts!
Family date night with the Bells
Decorating the house: newly crafted front door wreath, festive mantel, girls' bedroom trees and wreaths wrapped around outdoor lighting.
Monumen.t Circle all lit up
Aunt Deb's chocolate chip cookies
Teacher gifts
First grade holiday program at the high school with Caroline
1st & 2nd graders singing their hearts out
The McCullochs met the Clauses
Cocktailing with my favorite
Perfect Strangers do selfies and sequins
Work holiday party at the In.diana Roof Ballroom
Neighbor outing to the IU vs. Butler Winter Classic
Love, love, love these girls
Made the drive to my dad's house last Sunday. My grandfather passed away early that morning, before we could say our goodbyes.
Grandfather was 94 years young and lived a very full life. He was ready to see Nana again and gave up his fight gracefully.
Was a very CrossFit xmas for me; I received a pull up bar, wall ball, box and knee pads for my new garage gym. Pretty pumped to be able to wod whenever I want. My neighbors will now be privy to my workout addiction and I'm sure I'll get some strange looks :)
Stella spent some time at Bobo's house where she was spoiled rotten
Cousins on xmas eve in matching jams
Leaving Santa cookies and a beer
Santa woke us up again and the girls were THRILLED
First time Bobo has been around to meet Santa :)
Rocking her new infinit scarf
Queen Anna
Both girls received dolls with REAL hair and a whole slew of styling tools. It was a dream come true for these cuties who want to open a salon when they grow up!
Buggy was fascinated with Scotty's baby toys
Jammies all day long with my lovey
Annual tradition of homemade pizzas on xmas day
And my personal favorite, staying up late playing games!
We are now back home again in Indiana. Mikey and I were sick almost the entire week on the road. Glad to be home and recuperating in our own house. The girls are going stir crazy with yet another week off from school. We're pulling out all the stops to keep them entertained...but it's no easy feat!

Merry Christmas to all!!!

Thanksgiving 2014

Tradition has it in my family that every year on Thanksgiving my relatives travel from near & far to celebrate the holiday at our house. We bake, we craft, we play games and we eat. Every year it's a little of the same with just a few tweaks here and there. And every year we chronicle the events to keep the memories alive. Here's a view into our Thanksgiving week:

Making Grandma Bruhn's butter horn rolls from scratch
Thanksgiving morning 3rd Annual Hops Trot 5k
Most of the crew
Jer & Luke cruising
Male & Female winners this year (Clint & Amy)
My CrossFit buddies run, too!
Winner winner, craft beer winner
Bri, E and Jaim
Aunt Gail & Mom pick up the rear every year, gathering all the mile markers along the way
My Perfect Stranger crew
We had 16 people for dinner and plenty of activities for the Littles
Our chefs
Obligatory BFF pic
Dining in the living room
Full house
My favorite little people
Mom reading to the girls in bed
Playing around with lighting
Our xmas card pic
Managed to squeeze everyone into one frame. Love that my family is always up for my crazy ideas when we get together. We had a wonderful week together!