Sunday, October 23, 2011

Marathon Relay 2011

Today I ran in Back on My Feet's 42k Marathon Relay downtown Indy on the White River. Teams of 2, 3, or 4 people could run a total of 26.2 miles on a 2.2 mile loop along the river. The day started off verrry chilly but warmed up throughout the morning. Here are Jaime and I with Betsy (Jaim's sister) trying to keep warm:
 Mike and I were on a two person team and each ran a total of 13 miles. He'd run a loop, tag me, I'd run a loop, tag him, repeat. The 26 miles went by FAST when you only have 15 minutes to recover until you have to run again. Our team name was the McMarathoners and we wore Greek laurel wreaths on our head and kilts around our waists. Was fun dressing up and even more fun seeing my husband running in the kilt!

Our marathon time was around 3:32...a time neither Mike nor myself could attain on our own. Our team pace was right at an 8:00 minute mile; Mike's average pace was 7:48 and mine was 8:35. Very proud of us, that's for sure. We came home and took 2 hour naps and are now self medicating our sore legs. Ha!
 Jaime's team kicked butt, too!
 Lindsey & Beth, who organized the entire event and did an amazing job, as we all had such a fun day!
 Kerri (friend from work and fellow 12 Tutu teammate from Ragnar this summer)
 A few Perfect Strangers also had their own teams...Bri and Meggie. Loved having them there. I even got to run lap #2 with Meggie! Speaking of which, I named each lap (as Meg has mentioned that helps the miles go by more quickly). Lap #1 was Bestie lap as I ran with Jaim. We talked about our running plans for the future and how our families are so much affected by our training. Lap #2 was New Friend lap as I met another mom that held my same pace (8:15, my fastest loop!). Corey and I talked about training with little kids and being creative about when we get our runs in while juggling family and jobs. Lap #3 was Perfect Stranger lap as I ran with Meggie. We talked about her time off from running due to an injury and then her game plan for spectating in 2 weeks at our marathon. Lap #4 was Lonely Lap as I ran alone. As I finish this lap my friends James and John (fellow BoMFers I run with every Wednesday morning) embraced me and I wept in their arms. I was getting tired and had just come off of a lonely lap. Lap #5 was John Take The Wheel lap. Previously mentioned friend who just hugged me and gave me a pep talk caught up to me on this lap and gave me the motivation to get through the painful miles. I freaking adore the guys I run with and LOVE that they are now pushing ME to go faster and be stronger. Lap #6 was The Heat Is On lap as it warmed up and I was re-energized to finish my final lap. My gloves came off and I gave those last few miles all I had. Finishing with friends cheering me on was the BEST. In fact, the 2 mile loop relay was just a perfect idea. Each lap you could come back to your home base and be cheered on by friends. Love, love, loved it.
 My buddies James & John
 Our team name strewn across our bums
 We're done! Let's just say Mike's kilt came off as soon as we got back to our chairs. He was such a trooper, dressing up for our team's sake. In a skirt. In public. He got a lot of attention :)
We did it! So looking forward to our marathon in 2 weeks, this trio will be running 26.2 miles together!


Glenn and Lindsey Hein said...

Love it Kelly! So glad you guys came out and had a good time! You were super fast and strong today!

Glenn and Lindsey Hein said...

And by today, I mean yesterday haha

kfine39 said...

Great Job you guys! I said all day, that the 2 person realy was the toughest event on the slate! Not easy to get back up to pace after all those breaks!

Hopes its less than a 2 Advil day!
Kevin Fine